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Bottom line

January 30, 2012

We run on fear because reality dosen’t sell,no market.Reality is the truth according to our exsistance.The world runs on reality not fear.Who is messing with reality.Get over it.It  is what it is.

Its not complicated

January 25, 2012

When i look up into the vast space around this magnificent space ship i worry about the crew manning It.Whats their problem?If our destination is to find another space ship we might run out of time and fuel with the ship we’re on.We are too busy messing with ourselves with rules based on false prophecies and the perpetuators of same.I’m retired now so i have the time and inclination to reflect on issues that annoy me.Food for thought is the best food,the ingredients are suspect.If only the whole earth could weigh the resuuts.It is what it is.John