To Blog or Not etc

Having a blog intimidates my sensebilities.Stuff sounds different when its read again ,I guess its because its your stuff,made sense when you first thought that stuff.I like stuff as a noun it describes whats going on in my life without being too specific.There is always stuff going on everywhere,money stuff, political stuff,desperation stuff,climate stuff, lots of war stuff,etc stuff,heh..heh keeps on beyond horizon stuff.Boredom is not an option.Stuff has been going on for years,my problem is it’s old stuff, shoud have been resolved centuries ago so we can have new stuff to resolve,ie overpopulation,the focus of my greatest concern.I equate overpopulation with contamination of the earths life cycle.Something to think about If you question life, start with yourself.However, who’s rules do you use.Everybody has a plan full of” selfserving” rules.An educatoin on the reality of    life would eliminate a lot of the “selfserving” rules.  Take care,it is what it is. John

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