Blog Therapy,Thank-you

Thank you Adam for creation of this blog, now I will try to put it good therapeutic expression.That last sentence explains it all.You see I wander around my space muttering about anything that comes to mind all dependent on my  personal situation.This blog shoud help me ,I hope there still is help for me,heh..heh.Remember this is all done with two finger technology.Stay tuned,it only took me a whole month after the blog was created by Adam that I ventured to make use of its thapeutic qualities .The photo my son used of me was heavily photo chopped,the vodka shown is not my brand still my favourit alcohalic recipe,diet does not allow beer ingestion on a regular basis anymore.Steak consumption is reserved for special occasions,buget allowing,always my favourit. The fingers are weary and grow heavy, no apologies given,it is what its,the proof is all ways the Result.Work it out.

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